sábado, 27 de marzo de 2010

Petroleros funcionando con LNG?

Que los motores duales en los gaseros son una realidad lo podemos ver desde hace ya un tiempo. Los últimos barcos salidos de los astilleros coreanos, chinos y japoneses disponen ya de ese método de propulsión con un sistema de motores en los que se les permite quemar tanto fuel como gas. Ahora parece que esta tecnología se está preparando para dar el salto a otros barcos. Aquí os dejo el artículo que aparece en LNG UNLIMITED:

Oil tanker first in queue for LNG-fuelled ship pioneers

Shipbuilder Samsung Heavy Industries and engine manufacturer Wartsila plan to focus on designing an aframax crude oil tanker as they embark on a joint project to develop LNGfuelled ships.

An SHI spokesman said that the yard hopes eventually to develop a design for a shuttle tanker and expand this for suezmax vessels and VLCCs.

SHI's design, which it has been working on for 18 months, will be based on a new hull form and will include a fuel gas storage and supply system that the yard has dubbed Samsung FuGaS.

It initially considered using SPB-type tanks to hold the vessel's LNG fuel. However, due to their high cost and complexity, the spokesperson said the yard now favours C-type pressure vessels.

The appeal of LNG-fuelled vessels is largely being driven by the introduction of Emission Control Areas from this year onwards, which are designed to limit sulphur and NOx emissions while vessels are in port or coastal areas.

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