viernes, 15 de abril de 2011

Manchurron en Algeciras

Small amount of fuel leaked in Med after bunkering operation to refuel Lebanese reefer.

A small oil spill has been detected in Gibraltar after a bunkering operation to refuel a reefer.

Gibraltar Port Authority deployed anti-pollution vessels and equipment to contain the leak of 200 litres of heavy fuel oil on Tuesday.

Aegean Shipping's 7,000-dwt bunker tanker Aegean Princess (built 1991) was filling up the 4,800-gt reefer Heidi Plus (built 1979) when the incident occurred. Most of the oil was contained between the two ships and port vessels.

"It's not a large spill and it's under control," said captain Peter Hall, of the Port of Gibraltar.

The reefer is managed by Faros Shipping of Lebanon.

Fuente: Trade Winds

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